May 08

Twitter Company struggling against the spammers

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Twitter continues to grow at a record speed. Now it has 140 million active users and more than 340 million tweets each day. Twitter does special efforts to make its service beneficial for business. As there are huge companies of every size which use Twitter to connect with customers, including driving new business, offering discounts and deals, and providing customer service. Due to the followers on Twitter they get the best results and grow their business more obtainable and faster. And the main thing what they should do for their business development is only to think how to get more followers on Twitter.

As Twitter range enlarges, they become more attractive target for spammers. While spam is a small fragment the users can find on Twitter, all know how distracting it can be. Spam tweets mainly contain advertisements for business, products, or services that are often false and misleading. These kinds of spams are typically sent from Twitter accounts created for the sole purpose of spamming Twitter users and get more followers on Twitter.

The micro blogging service has finally decided to take intensive actions against spammers by bringing down their tools which are used to send spam tweets across the network. So, trying to get rid of the deluge of spam across Twitter, the company filed a lawsuit against several companies, which are some of the worst lawbreakers, aggressive enablers of spam on their service. They included in the lawsuit the makers of TweetAttacks, TweetAdder and TweetBuddy, as well as James Lucero of and Garland Harris of, in a San Francisco federal court.

Twitter lawsuit may not prevent spam completely, but in its blog post Twitter wrote. “By shutting down tool providers, we will prevent other spammers from having these services at their disposal. Further, we hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of our commitment to keep them off Twitter”. Further, they hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of their commitment to keep them off Twitter.

Twitter engineers initiated new anti-spam measures within Twitter to more aggressively suspend a new type of @ mention spam. They use their link shortener ( to analyze whether a tweeted link leads to malware content. By this way users will be prevented from visiting malicious links. And it helps Twitter engineer group shut down hundreds of thousands of insulting accounts. Users also, can help out by reporting and blocking spammers they clashed on Twitter.

It is praiseworthy that Twitter has invested a great deal of money and efforts to fight and prevent spam.



Mar 22

How To Market A Business On Twitter – Top Ten Tips for Beginners, By Industry Experts

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Twitter is the platform where you are free to do whatever you want. You, for instance, may establish your business and develop it due to Twitter. It helps small businesses to make people feel their presence in the business world. In order to begin you should know where to start from. First of all, if you are a beginner you should maintain these ten tips which offer you a number of industry experts.

  1. User name plays a huge role in the marketing. If you have a memorable and eye-catching name, you will be noticed more easily. Imagine your Twitter account which has a name which is hardly understood by the society. Who will be interested in what you say and suggest? Surely very few people. Hence if you want to get more Twitter followers use a brief and catchy name.
  2. It’s quite true, that Twitter offers very little space 160 characters, but it is enough for you to present high-quality content full of keywords. Remember, the more unique and interesting is your profile the more likely is to gain followers on Twitter. This is enough to build a reputation of your dreams.
  3. Much attention must paid to the means you represent your business. Try to tell much in a little space, but be more specific; people are interested to know concrete information not a fairytale.
  4. The image which represents your brand or company is very important. You should choose an image which will perfectly suit your business.
  5. If your business has its website, then let people know about it, post it on your account. It will inspire people to know more about your business only due to a click.
  6. Provide your Twitter followers with interesting news, photos, videos, in order to arouse curiosity about your profile behind which in this case stands your business.
  7. The next step that you are expected to do is showing your presence on the network. Be active, answer the comments, and tell the details about your business. Remember that more information does not kill people.
  8. Pay much attention to your content. It should be very interesting in order to bring more tweets. If you more or less know about Twitter marketing then you should have guessed that as many tweets your followers read and like as much is the possibility getting more twitter followers than they are at this moment.
  9. You also should be fond of creating lists. People follow lists on twitter and not only people, searching engines like them too. The list creating will help those who may be interested in that brand.
  10. And the last tip, which is more important, is getting as many followers as possible. You may get them during long months and years you may just buy Twitter followers.

Thus start following these tips as they will help you to promote your business faster and cheaper.



Feb 27

Choosing Twitter for Marketing Campaign- what you should know

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Many people who are on Twitter don’t know where to start from.

First of all you should have an idea of how to get more followers on Twitter. That is not a difficult job, but before starting to do it, it is important to take it into consideration for what you are using it, for increasing the number of followers or just getting followers who are interested in specific topics.

If you are going to use Twitter for business purposes it is important for you to get followers who are relevant to your industry. So think before deciding which techniques to use for reaching your goal.

Another way of getting more followers on Twitter is the wise choice of your profile pic. The simplest and the most personal way to influence people is your photo. It will help you to increase your followers and will also inspire people to read and follow your posts. Your photo may be more imposing than an icon, as it will make easy to identify each other in face to face meetings.

More to the point, you should be more sensible while choosing a name on twitter. There are many followers on Twitter who use their own names, also there are those who use business names or just clever phrases, but be smart and try not to confuse people. Thus your name should depend on your twitter strategy.

It is vital that people know who are you, what you are doing, what you are interested in. There are many people who read your twitter biography before making decision whether to follow you or not. Hence a good written biography will help you to get more followers on Twitter.

Besides there are some followers who will follow your recent tweets for being sure whether you are worth following or not. That is why you can have 3 post per day for minimum, and 5 posts each day to maximize your account. If you have posts which have gained more replies and retweets, then you may repeat your most popular tweets to please your followers. In this way you will get more followers because you are more likely to catch attention of people who have missed your tweets in the first time.

In the end, if you fail to get more followers in the suggested ways, then you may buy Twitter followers, which is both easy and doesn’t take much time from you. You just pay a certain amount of money for a certain number of followers and all the followers added to your account become real twitter followers who may then develop into potential buyers of your services and products.

All in all Twitter is not just a game of numbers, it is quite right, that having more followers has its advantages but be attentive and don’t let your goals to be merely about getting as many followers as possible.