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Twitter in our lives

Twitter in our lives

Compare your life before using Twitter and after that. How has it changed? Twitter is only a four year old company but it has already managed to become one of the most pleasurable pastimes for millions of people all over the world. All of them can’t imagine a single day without opening their accounts on [...]

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Top 5 ways to promote your business on Twitter

Top 5 ways to promote your business on Twitter

In the interminable world of Social Networking Twitter occupies a very respectable place. Millions of users all over the world use Twitter as means of sharing their ideas and getting more information on the topics they are interested in. Initially Twitter was meant for these purposes.   Nevertheless, people gradually began to think over the [...]

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Celebrities on Twitter

Celebrities on Twitter

Millions of people worldwide are bound up with Twitter and celebrities are not an exception in this respect. Musicians, sportsmen, politicians are all obsessed with Twitter. Recently I have noticed a growing trend for popular people to sign up there in order to be closer to their fans or simply to those who want to [...]

May 15

Nowadays social media have transformed their primary function and that is communication. They have become a tool for successful marketing and advertising. This is typical especially of Twitter. Here are seven strategies as how to build business on Twitter hence increasing the number of your Twitter followers.

  1. Titan Commercial, Chicago: Marketing director of Titan Commercial Emily Vanderbeek said,”WE brainstormed ways to engage followers and one of the ways we thought of was to have a ”Titan Word of the Day. All conversations woth a potential customer are beneficial-so Titan wanted to reach out on Twitter to allow individuals to stay connected with our brand even though we may not be doing busines with them at the time.”
  2. Hummus Bros,Lnodon: This aims at measuring feedback and provide excellent customer service. Businesses on Twitter should look to London-based Hummus-Bros’s example where a delicious bowl of hummus and your choice of beef, chickem, fava beans and other toppings is not the only thing the restaurant is serving up. Christian Mouysset from Hummus Bros, said:” The joint populr students theatre goers, meida industry types and professionals, recently added Twitter to its growing list of mediums the restaurants uses to solicit customers feedback”.
  3. Timbury, Central New Jersey: If you want to advertise your flat and need to target new clients, Twitter is a great way to find new followers on Twitter and develop them into customers. According to Tim Kissane,who is the purveyor of New Jersey-based Timbury Web Hosting ” I monitor Twitter all day, everyday, while doing other work. Almost all the clients I have  were found on Twitter”.
  4. Arrange Meetups: Stying connected with your customers amd vendors is vital for success in today’s marketplace. Send periodic Tweets about upcoming meetups woth other local Twitter Users.
  5. Job Posts: Apart form advertising flats or other estate, you may also build your business with posting job vacancies. This is a checked strategy and works in benefit of you.


May 14

Tweetbot is a full featured iPhone Twitter client. It is a perfect and stylized way to use the micro-blogging system. Its 2.0 version now provides the user an opportunity to cooperate with fanous microblogging services. Tweetbot uses clean, useful designs and subtle sounds to make browsing Twitter an amazing experience. It is very simple to read through your Timelines, open links from tweets and even see the conversation history of tweets. And besides, it packs both style and functioality in a neat little package. This, of course, will be widely accepted by Twitter followers.

Another advantage of Tweetbot is that it uses the tablet’s space well and you have all the usual actions and gestures that you are used to if you have the iPhone version. By the way, if you are new user, there is a list of instructions which make it simple to understand. Tweetbot gives the user the following opportunities:

  • Multiple Timelines. Due to it you are able to quickly switch between your lists as your main Timeline. That is, if you want to follow only the tweets made by your co-workers, you may use Tweetbot.
  • Smart Gestures. Use Twitter more efficiently with time-saving and configurable gestures. For example, you may tap a Link or Avatar in your timeline to view more. Likewise, when you tap and hold an element, it gives you options. You are able to configure triple-tap reply-to, fave, retweet or even translate a tweet.
  • Customizable Navigation. The last tow tabs are cistomizablw and unused tabs are easily accesssible.
  • Support for multiple service like Read it Later, Instapaper, Cloudapp URL Shortening.
  • Push Notifications via Boxcar.
  • Save drafts, add locations. And POI’s, attach photos and videos, manage lists and much more.

People using Tweetbot are really happy with it and all the possibilities it gives. A user said the following about it: ‘I have tried iPhone Twitter client in the App Store, and Tweetbot is my favourite, hands-down.’ Another user said: ‘Tweetbot puts a lot of useful Twitter features at your fingertrips with the high level of style and polish that only Tabbpts can provide. It is my new favourite client.’ As it can be seen people are pleased with the client and really makes using iPhone Twitter easier and more comfortable.

So hurry up to inform your followers on Twitter about this interesting and useful service.


May 12

Both large and small businesses are always in need of being advertised. Twitter has a lot of benefits for businessmen and many of them who have already felt the role of Twitter in their business will certainly prove it. If you want to take advantage from Twitter you should be well informed for the start. Learn more about Twitter.

The basic information that you should know about Twitter is that Twitter is a social networking site, which is a better useful tool for people of business than for those who expect to just have friendly talks, conversations and so on. On Twitter you can text. The text messages are called Tweets. Twitter limits the space for texting and allows you to express your ideas within 140 characters.

That’s the simplest description of Twitter for having some understanding about it. Now let’s come back to matters concerning business. As a businessman you should know what your goal is. It certainly must be getting as much Twitter followers as it is possible. But make sure, it will be impossible or at least extremely hard to get customers if you just enter Twitter and start promoting your brand or services. No one would care and pay attention on you if you send posts only dealing with your business. You may bore people. So that they can unfollow you and get rid of the boredom you give them.

So you may wonder what else you should do. And that “should do” are called Twitter etiquette for businessmen! First must that you should do in order to make people get interested in your brand is making people get interested in you. It’s a strategy used by businessmen.

If a businessman makes a good impression on people they may automatically like what he produces. In order to let people know you and your personality try to be active and social. In most cases people like having direct connection with the one whose brand they use. Anyway being interactive is a great must.

The other thing which is important as well is getting more Twitter followers.  By getting followers you increase the possibility of getting customers.  Do not wait others to follow you. Follow yourself and in most cases they will follow you back. Twitter is like a growing snowball:  the more you roll the bigger it becomes (the more you follow the larger and broaden your circle will be).



May 08

Twitter continues to grow at a record speed. Now it has 140 million active users and more than 340 million tweets each day. Twitter does special efforts to make its service beneficial for business. As there are huge companies of every size which use Twitter to connect with customers, including driving new business, offering discounts and deals, and providing customer service. Due to the followers on Twitter they get the best results and grow their business more obtainable and faster. And the main thing what they should do for their business development is only to think how to get more followers on Twitter.

As Twitter range enlarges, they become more attractive target for spammers. While spam is a small fragment the users can find on Twitter, all know how distracting it can be. Spam tweets mainly contain advertisements for business, products, or services that are often false and misleading. These kinds of spams are typically sent from Twitter accounts created for the sole purpose of spamming Twitter users and get more followers on Twitter.

The micro blogging service has finally decided to take intensive actions against spammers by bringing down their tools which are used to send spam tweets across the network. So, trying to get rid of the deluge of spam across Twitter, the company filed a lawsuit against several companies, which are some of the worst lawbreakers, aggressive enablers of spam on their service. They included in the lawsuit the makers of TweetAttacks, TweetAdder and TweetBuddy, as well as James Lucero of and Garland Harris of, in a San Francisco federal court.

Twitter lawsuit may not prevent spam completely, but in its blog post Twitter wrote. “By shutting down tool providers, we will prevent other spammers from having these services at their disposal. Further, we hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of our commitment to keep them off Twitter”. Further, they hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of their commitment to keep them off Twitter.

Twitter engineers initiated new anti-spam measures within Twitter to more aggressively suspend a new type of @ mention spam. They use their link shortener ( to analyze whether a tweeted link leads to malware content. By this way users will be prevented from visiting malicious links. And it helps Twitter engineer group shut down hundreds of thousands of insulting accounts. Users also, can help out by reporting and blocking spammers they clashed on Twitter.

It is praiseworthy that Twitter has invested a great deal of money and efforts to fight and prevent spam.



Mar 22

Twitter is the platform where you are free to do whatever you want. You, for instance, may establish your business and develop it due to Twitter. It helps small businesses to make people feel their presence in the business world. In order to begin you should know where to start from. First of all, if you are a beginner you should maintain these ten tips which offer you a number of industry experts.

  1. User name plays a huge role in the marketing. If you have a memorable and eye-catching name, you will be noticed more easily. Imagine your Twitter account which has a name which is hardly understood by the society. Who will be interested in what you say and suggest? Surely very few people. Hence if you want to get more Twitter followers use a brief and catchy name.
  2. It’s quite true, that Twitter offers very little space 160 characters, but it is enough for you to present high-quality content full of keywords. Remember, the more unique and interesting is your profile the more likely is to gain followers on Twitter. This is enough to build a reputation of your dreams.
  3. Much attention must paid to the means you represent your business. Try to tell much in a little space, but be more specific; people are interested to know concrete information not a fairytale.
  4. The image which represents your brand or company is very important. You should choose an image which will perfectly suit your business.
  5. If your business has its website, then let people know about it, post it on your account. It will inspire people to know more about your business only due to a click.
  6. Provide your Twitter followers with interesting news, photos, videos, in order to arouse curiosity about your profile behind which in this case stands your business.
  7. The next step that you are expected to do is showing your presence on the network. Be active, answer the comments, and tell the details about your business. Remember that more information does not kill people.
  8. Pay much attention to your content. It should be very interesting in order to bring more tweets. If you more or less know about Twitter marketing then you should have guessed that as many tweets your followers read and like as much is the possibility getting more twitter followers than they are at this moment.
  9. You also should be fond of creating lists. People follow lists on twitter and not only people, searching engines like them too. The list creating will help those who may be interested in that brand.
  10. And the last tip, which is more important, is getting as many followers as possible. You may get them during long months and years you may just buy Twitter followers.

Thus start following these tips as they will help you to promote your business faster and cheaper.



Mar 19

Today the quantity of websites becomes more and more. It is getting difficult to make a unique website day by day. Before creating a website, you must consider several refinements that should be during this process. Every time you should think such means that will increase your website’s visibility. There is huge number of things that you should do at your website. There is no doubt that there would be a great competition between your and others’ websites. You need to do more for succeeding in this “battle”. Every competitor wants to be on the first rank. They would resort to get a help from the experts. As you overcome all these barriers, you will certainly stay on the first page of results. Choosing any kind of social network for advertising your product whether it is Twitter or Facebook you must get more Twitter followers and Facebook fans. They certainly can help to develop your page. Sometimes market owners do not understand that they should do defined steps for making their search engine more visible. You should do five things for improving your website’s visibility and the rank at Google and the rest of the search engine.

  1. If you are a business owner, you should choose such a title for your article that will attract attention of a large audience. The matter is that marketers do the same mistakes when it comes to the title of the article. In addition, you should pay attention to title tags. All the impression is formed by reading these tags. Use words, expressions that will attract your audience’s attention. Try to make them unique and exclusive as you can. Use puzzling and eye-strikingkeywords.
  2. It is very important to know how your customers are searching you. Review words, expressions and phrases you have used recently. Try to make them visible. If Google+ offers you new tools for appearing on the first rank of the page, use them for your own profits.
  3. The next thing that attracts attention is a unique content but not copies from other websites. It means that you should use phrases and expressions, which are typical to you.

4. Get Facebook fans and create facebook fan page. Here you can get potential customers who will want to buy your product. They will certainly contact with you. In this way, you will promote your website with social services.

5. Try to put so many links on your website as it possible. Links are very important for rankings.

So if you have not used these steps for developing your website do not hesitate and use them. They will have a positive effect on your website.


Mar 17

If you think that having an account on Twitter, getting more Twitter followers than others, tweeting everyday is enough you are misguided. If I say that everything in this life is reciprocal I will not surprise you. Everyone who gives something does it in order to receive it back one day. Why do you think that it does not refer to Twitter? Having a number of followers on Twitter is good, but to be satisfied with just having them is not sensible.

It’s right that managing thousands of people is not an easy job to do. But it is your responsibility to look after your account. Even if you are a famous one, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore your followers on Twitter. They must always be in the centre of your attention; otherwise you will lose them sooner or later. Twitter has a number of tools that can help you to manage your followers. Among them is twitter analyzer, which can tell you who are your closest friends, who retweets your messages, who writes about you so on so forth.

There are many other tools that can find out who does not follow you back, they can also find inactive accounts and unfollow them automatically, they can show you complete list of information like the number of your followers, the type of your followers,  average tweets, total tweets etc. But think for a moment before turning to these tools. Do you want to be a robot, who just presses buttons and regulates his/her lifestyle? Take it into account that being a walking robot is not difficult in this computerized era, it is difficult to do something which will vary you from machines.

Thus take your chance and prove your followers that you are not a robot, show them that you are a human being who has feelings, who can survive as an individual. You need not a lot of things for this. Just read what others post, comment on their photos, videos, share with your thoughts, express feelings. If you think that what I say is ridiculous, you are not right. Nowadays people spend so much time before computers, that they have forgotten what is a pen, a paper, a friendly relation etc. Many wise and experienced people don’t stop exclaiming that humankind is losing its face. So I have nothing to add except for ”People be people, not a working machine”!


Mar 15

Twitter hands over user info

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As a social networking site, Twitter presents hundreds of breaking news during a day or a week. Recently it has applied information for a user involved in a case obliquely connected to Occupy Boston. After the inquiry, many details have not been disclosed. Twitter became the main source that handed over user information for a current criminal investigation obliquely related to an Occupy Boston protest. Moreover, answering many questions of the Boston Globe, twitter agent said that the company provided information about a single user. In addition, many of Twitter followers were well aware of this information. The user has a special name and the police say that he or she is associated with the name “Guido Fawkes”.

Law enforcement officials have argued that Twitter has not the right to provide the information about a current investigation. Of course, there was a special account, which announced all this information. Back in December, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office tried to get the IP address information from Twitter. The law enforcement officials applied to Twitter with the request that it gives the details of the user. In addition, an office wanted to have information about the Occupy Boston. The user who shared all this information probably gets a lot of Twitter followers. After the user posted the document and made it visible for all the followers of Twitter, he was ready for a struggle.

At that time, an anonymous user said. “You can do whatever you want and you can prevent the flow of information. You cannot violate somebody and make him keep silence.” Certainly, twitter did not hand over the user’s information, and the struggle went deep between the ACLU and the Suffolk County district attorney. The user informed more Twitter followers about this document and attorney’s office did everything to clear up the identity of the user. However, the anonymous user’s account was suspended. And, Twitter did not respond for comment on the Globe’s story.



Mar 14

The latest boom of the social networking sites was more than attractive. It is no more a secret that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has cancer. Recently the president has been operated in order to reduce the risk of malignancy. But I would never make up that the imagination of people will become so bright and lucid that they will publicize something which does not correspond with the reality. Following a few tweets by Hugo Chavez after the operation several dreamers have started to take it too deep in their heads. In his social networking messages Hugo Chavez has just tweeted: “We will live and overcome.” As a result a number of Twitter followers have come to the conclusion that the president’s tweet is about his illness, and he will survive the cancer. We do not exclude that Hugo Chavez and dozens of people will survive cancer, but this tweet may refer to anything else.

In this omnipotent world day by day developing medication methods make it quite possible. Even impossible may become possible due to the latest medical progress. What refers to Hugo Chavez, the president is not going to draw back. Now he is running his third term and is going to participate in the upcoming elections of October 7.   Thus those who have hopes to see the president out of his office they have to wait for a long time.

If Hugo Chavez may live and survive his disease it is more than probable. Hence he is free to share his hopes with his followers on Twitter. Everyone wants to live; even those who are committing a suicide hope that someone will save them as they change their mind on the halfway.  Then why the president should not express his feelings about living and surviving online?
Nonetheless it is our nature and our mentality to see a black cat in a dark room, even if there is no cat. But it should be taken into account that there are patients who are survived due to their hope and optimism. Hence each of us must be an optimist and have hopes even in a situation which seems inextricable.

Thus it remains to hope and believe that cancer will be transient and curable for more people than it is now. Moreover it will be advisable for famous ones to get such followers on Twitter who don’t have a tendency to exaggerate every single word.

Mar 12

Safety, in these days, has become so exposed and vulnerable, that several people are almost afraid of their own shadow. My words may make you laugh, but in a world where people get pleasure of making others scared, life turns into a horror film. This film is even more ”interesting” for the celebrities who have the misfortune to have a lot of enemies next to their friends.

My “speech” is about those, who have a certain goal e.i. to frighten the celebrities whom they do not like by terrifying statements. To be sincere, I’m not going to put these famous people in the injured party and throw mud on those who do not like them. But to startle people in vain is not stored in the shelves of justice. Social networking sites with their imperfect security prove that I’m right. Nowadays a number of malicious people make any effort to intimidate celebrities thanks to their anonymous accounts. From the ethical point of view it will be right to blame the social networking sites for paying less attention to safety.

It is not something new that celebrities have always received death threats on their accounts. But today Twitter has become a fresh platform for this kind of harassment. And 19-year-old pop star and actress Miley Cyrus is among the ”victims”. Recently someone has tweeted that they wished her death because she ”dresses like white trash” and is ”so f***ing hideous”. To my mind, it would not be wise to pay much attention to such an imprudent statement and ignorance would be better than answer, but the pop star has preferred to tweet back saying “U have nothing better 2 do than hate? That saddens me. I’m surrounded by love I’m sorry 4 whatever happened 2 make u so bitter.” Besides Miley has also added in her tweets “I won’t tolerate someone telling me 2 die. I think Twitter needs to take some responsibility and make it a safe environment!”

Plenty of people think that Twitter is not responsible for this, if Miley Cyrus has some problems she may call the police. It also should be mentioned that Miley has about five million followers on Twitter and it is quite natural that there will be found ill-advised and reckless persons, who will do such posts. Maybe the pop star should take all the risks into account before getting so many Twitter followers. But it is already late to blame someone or announce guilty. Thus if you have weak nerves then think before getting more followers on Twitter.